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Little Richard - Keep a Knockin

Ringtone Little Richard - Keep a Knockin for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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The delectable melody of Little Richard's 'Keep a Knockin' is a delightful accompaniment to a wide range of ringtones. Its insouciant swing will affright any unsuspecting listener with its compelling and energetically effervescent vibrancy. With its exuberant blasts of pithy brass flourishes, complementary reverberations of caustic guitar, and a riconoscible rhythm of imperturbability, this upbeat piece of ear candy tantalizes the senses like no other.

Shivered off in its undertones of bemused joviality, 'Keep a Knockin' is an undeniable delectment for any setting. For those who are desirous of something that will animate their ringtone selection, Little Richard's iconic piece will undoubtedly fulminate an exhilarating aural ambiance. With its delightful lupine parade of thunderous rhythmic grooves it is sure to captivate whatever auditory audience it comes across.

Whether you are seeking something to befuddle, beguile, or even begird your friends when they apply a jangle to your phone, 'Keep a Knockin' is sure to elicit a grin or two amongst its auditors. Choose this signature Little Richard melody as your ringtone, and you can be sure you will quell the tones of your mundane public with its suasions of upbeat joy and salacious swing.

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