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UB40 - Swing Low Sweet Chariot (V2)

Ringtone UB40 - Swing Low Sweet Chariot (V2) for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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This rambunctious yet wizened rendition of the traditional spiritual «Swing Low Sweet Chariot» brings forth a wondrous and fresh aural exploration. UB40's version resonates with postmodern sonorities, highlighting the lyrical undertones that have existed since its original score was composed. A vibrant concoction of cheery techno beats, amplified with a spicy nigh-future embellishment – that would inspire even the most callous of listeners to catch themselves jollying along in mirth.

The subtle incorporation of a certain euphony throughout the melody suspends a serendipitous attention to the songwriter's rapturous vocalization. It is an engaging study of the original hymn by few means, utilizing the bespoken essence of integrated uplifting production. It is a rearrangement of the a-cappella spiritual that captivates the ear of any generation – a serendipitously synchronous experience of rousing sentiment within the hearer.

In the spirit of a jestful jaunt, the adroit musical note variation provokes a titular hymnal boisterous backdrop, sure to evoke a euphonious recollect for any listener. Of course, all these promptings encapsulate an exuberant joviality which shall summon a vicarious self – to emanate with all the intrinsic ardour one can garner. An enduring appreciation is righteously deserved for such an elatedly elutriated offering, this new take on a traditional classic.

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