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The Sweet - Fox On the Run

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As an ardent lover of music, having one's earwormed by The Sweet's seminal classic, «Fox On the Run» is sure to bring trepidation to a jubilant mood. This listener-approved symphony of chirpy chords; strident rhythm; and a keening harmony of exciting foxy lupines, is the ideal soundtrack to illuminate the mind. When this scintillating ringtone sounds, listeners are reminded of the abeyance and audacity of youth, when the fox's faux pas is both sanctioned and praised in equal measure.

The Sweet's exuberant melody representing a yeasty ternary of greatness: boisterousness, exultation, and intrepidity. This renegade of electronic sounds is mirthful, rhapsodic, and snappy. It's a salacious number with an insidious bite which entices and entrances those who experience its rapturous existence.

Synaptically stimulating, this zany ringtone doesn't just energize, it also illuminates one's day with a mischievous sense of jollity. First composed in 1975, its ascendant musicality will never be eclipsed for its paradigm-shifting aural performance. So, if you're looking for a ringtone that will effervesce your days, turn to the fabulous fox, on the run!

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