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Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears

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Ozzy Osbourne's «No More Tears» is a complex composition that invokes a plethora of emotional expression within the listener. The song begins with a languishing intro of languid guitar licks before being buoyed by a mash of chipper drums and airy synths. Ozzy's passionate vocals then alight upon the track, imbuing it with a tortured yet alluring quality.

The verses of «No More Tears» illustrate a surreal, trance-like feeling in the air as Ozzy croons about the futility of love and the residual anguish that underpins his life. His bemoaning of heartache is cushioned by the dreamy soundscapes, providing a novel combination of passion, sorrow and hope.

Utilizing «No More Tears» as a ringtone is an apt move for those looking for something distinct and pensive yet majestic at the same time. Ozzy's dependant yet dignified vocal performance gives way to luminous textures, providing a personalized soundtrack for any given moment.

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