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Ozzy Osbourne - Hellraiser

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As Ozzy Osbourne's trademark anthemic rendition of «Hellraiser» wends its way through earbuds and speakers, it becomes evident that this classic metal ringtone could only be tersely described as a sonic tour-de-force. Mr. Osbourne's dynamic vocal timbre combined with the song's jaunty refrains and dispersion of turgid, low-end riffs makes «Hellraiser» a veritable behemoth of a track.

Those looking to turn heads with the tirade of this mordacious anthem need look no further; the salubrious tonal balancing of «Hellraiser» affords it a bespoke panache, one sure to appal any passerby with its galvanizing clarion call. Additionally, the track's unceasingly propulsive energy is sure to provide an afflatus for anyone who finds solace in invigorating cacophony.

When considered in its entirety, it is little wonder why «Hellraiser» is such a beloved ringtone. Its salvational bombast can certainly rouse any unassuming mobile device from its weary slumber, delivering to its users a singularly incandescent translation of the quintessential Ozzy Osbourne spirit.

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