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Ozzy Osbourne - Paranoid

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Ozzy Osbourne's classic song «Paranoid» has become synonymous with heavy metal of the 1970s, and has attained a legendary status among fans of the genre. This iconic anthem is now available in ringtone format, and its offering of futuristic yet retro audio quality is sure to delight and edify experienced listeners.

From its percussive prelude to its reverberating chorus, this masterful composition will summon the rocker in anyone- no matter their generational inclinations. Ozzy's inimitable vocal syncs with its driving percussion and affective guitar lines, producing a soundscape of sonic euphoria that can provoke an elixir of emotions.

For those of us who endured the harrowing wait for the song's conclusion during its original radio broadcasts- aptly named «progressives» of their day- the experience of owning «Paranoid» as a ringtone can bring about a feeling of regalement, as one can now indulge in every shred of its moments of grandeur. It's a morsel for the senses, and will surely captivate anew.

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