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Mariah Carey - Without You

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The ebullient, saccharine tones of Mariah Carey's singer-songwriter ballad Without You echo through the air with a delightful vibrancy. As a sonic lullaby, it can easily engender tranquility, whilst also providing a not-so-subtle prompt to revel in the churlish whimsy of the human spirit. This multifaceted aural jiggery-pokery is, after all, the cornerstone of Carey's inimitable niche, and Without You is the very embodiment of such.

The song gently dubitates from a sotto voce opening towards a climax, combining whimsy with exuberance in manner akin to skipping rope flaming with gossamer, breeze-like strings. It may not be to everyone's taste, but its effervescent eclecticism ensures it a place in the annals of modern musicianship.

Without You is, in essence, a symphony dedicated to the recognition of life's saddest moments, yet it is one which refuses to wallow in dolour, instead turning its back on ennui in favour of joyous exultation. It is a song which inspires reflection without ever abating the inherent jouissance, a feat not easily achieved in the world of pop music.

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