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Reba McEntire - Back to God

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For the music aficionado, Reba McEntire's «Back to God» is an extraordinary bijou of an auditory experience. Written by rural songwriter Rachel Loy, it has become a sacred aureate of many, inspiring solace and serenity in the listeners. From its ruminative overture, this aural amalgam unravels a didactic and spiritually propitious journey of joy, redemption, and hope.

McEntire croons her lyrics, powered by a sanguine rhythm which alludes to classic American country-western music, over lush choral instrumentation. The melodicist and lyricist adeptly crafts a serendipitous story wrought with bravado, yet ultimately rife with morally aseptic virtues and pantheistic self-reflection.

To hear it according to McEntire's original composition is a stunningly magisterial experience not to be missed. Paradisal and informing, this imperious ringtone will encapsulate the listener in a topological atrium of sageful yearnings. For the listener, «Back to God» should be a first-choice confection for any seeking insight into the quiescence and supinity of reverent worship.

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