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The Beatles - Get Back

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The signature strums of «Get Back» by the iconic Beatles ringtone serves to exemplify the revolutionary blend of 60's rock and roll with pop sensibilities. As one listens to the ebullient opening twangs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney's electric guitars, they are drawn in by its virtuosic and catchy melodies. «Get Back» is so illustrative of the buoyancy of the Beatles that a single audio blip is enough to conjure fond memories of their chart-topping success.

The delightful tempo of this rock track builds a listener's anticipation with a toe-tapping bass line and rollicking drumbeat. Ringing around the ears is the mirthful lilt of Lennon's voice, evoking a sense of peace and joy. Few tones are as memorable and myriad as that of this classic tune; its idiosyncrasies are sure to elicit delight from even the most select of audiences.

»Get Back» is an excellent choice for a ringtone. Not only will it make the most discerning of mobile phone owners look cool, but it will serve a constant reminder of the influential music which captured the hearts and imaginations of a generation. Its whimsical nature and timelessness are sure to never go out of style, allowing you to enjoy a little piece of musical history every time you receive a call.

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