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Godsmack - Awake

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Godsmack's immensely invigorating and anticipative release, »Awake«, is an aural explosion of medley and melody. Here we have a manducative and potulent, yet totally fructuous composition, full of persuasiveness and unmitigatedly alluring atavisms, which will stimulate your senses and excite both your inner and outer worlds. This vibrant and connotatively ecstatic ringtone is astronomically stimulating, arranged meticulously with masterful fervor, and containing a smattering of syncopations and throbbingly scintillating instrumentations.

The preamble is strategically translucent, granting its listener intimations of both rapture and sadness. But as the impetuous rhythm catches fire, you can't help but harken to the main hook of the buoyantly effervescent composition. The catchy and boldly energetic lead guitar, the heavily piquant synthesizers, and the tightly syncopated drums, all blend together for a startlingly pertinence and electrifyingly resonant sound.

Among its many tenebrous qualities there lies a phantasmagoric energy pulsating from its core. To put it simply, the dazzling presentation of this »Awake« is boundless and sure to galvanise the atmosphere of any event. It's surely worthy of being known as one of the most delightful and amusingly aesthetic ringtones available.

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