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Van Halen - 316

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This instantly recognizable ringtone by the legendary rockers Van Halen, surely known to most, is an indefatigable classic that piques the senses with its effulgent air of bravado and enlivenment. A winnowing of slyly woven complex riffs that invigorate and mesmerize, the snaking guitar melodies coalesce with the thumping basslines to provide a beguiling auditory treat.

In a masterpiece that can only be described as caressive, the intertwined amalgamation of expert skill and vigorous energy concurrently give rise to a transcendent soundscape which makes the soul palpitate with excitement. However, the vermillion curtains of this captivating track close to reveal a short yet powerful blend of iconic vocal timbres.

Endlessly quotable, if you seek peerless musicality as your signature ringtone, then you cannot look beyond 316 by Van Halen - a must-have for any true die-hard fan of the genre. With such a brumal sound yet invigorating melody, it is sure to set the stage for a daily adventure.

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