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Coldplay - Ink

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A groundbreaking piece of outstanding excellence in music production is heralded by the electrifyingly soulful genre producing a tantalizingly sublime melody - none other than Coldplay's 'Ink.'

This unique song emits echoes of a gentler side of the band, yet still conveys round resonances of the melancholic elements associated with one of the greatest modern rock syndicates. It is a journey of melodic exploration and emotive content, weaving languidly through dreamy crescendos of sonic delight.

From the very first melismatic notes, the fabric of this evocative track unravels, luring you into a rapturous trance with tinkling piano coinciding with rasping rhythmic guitar riffs. By the time the beguiling finale occurs, it will be no surprise that any listener has been reduced to a state of pleasant ineffability.

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