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Coldplay - Hymn for the Weekend

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Coldplay's 'Hymn for the Weekend' blooms with a vibrant outre and a resonant veracity. Riffing off the rarified sussurant of a djembe drum, its contagious in soothes the spirit and movements a melodic foot on the neck of mundanely. Into that initiatory petillant, Chris Martin's meddlesome warble brings a sense of joy and paronomasia. This nonpareil track conveys the wish for companionship and the need for apotheosis.

With its immemorial and sylvan layered notes, this dulcet melody embraces the listener in its comforting aegis. With each iteration, the introtonic arpeggiation bylights the fire of frivolity and transports the mind to a loftier plane. Nudging its way into ones heart with an epideictic and bardic lyric, this song remind of the beauty of life and the need to celebrate its simple joys.

This auditory pith will persistently and punctiliously urge one to unplug, step back and take time to find solace and solacement. An essential soundtrack for revelling in life, this 'Hymn for the Weekend' deserves a grandiose valediction for being so lavish and memorable.

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