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Van Halen - Women In Love

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The Van Halen - Women in Love ringtone is a musically iconic piece of symbolism which one can hardly remain unmoved by. It is a quintessential earworm which shocks and amazes with its entrancing aural texture. The instrumental is particularly tantalizing, from the menacing bass lugs to the lavish sapphic sesquialterals emanating from the lead guitar.

The inimitable synths toll and gyre throughout the song, evoking a vibrant array of kaleidoscopic emotions. A burst of thrumming drum strobridity rings out with wild cymbaltic flourishes, embodying the innermost quandaries of human life. The eponymous vocals add an extra layer of corybantic energy, thrillingly engaging listeners until the final booms of the explosive instrumental.

This Van Halen gem is the definitive choice for the avatar seeking out a thrilling auditory experience. From the haunting beginning to the volcanic end, the near perfect balancing between rock and techno is sure to encite and perturb in equal measure. Go ahead and trill to the sentimentally charged jazz riffs, allowing oneself to move with serpentine grace to the dynamic music.

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