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Maroon 5 - Cold (feat. Future)

Ringtone Maroon 5 - Cold (feat. Future) for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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This resplendent piece of music playfully composed by Maroon 5 and featuring Future is an extraordinary example of musical triple-threat, uniting melodious vocal resoundingness, synthesized harmonic reverberations and an iconic beatwise ostinato. Machined by a careful weaving of soft, soulful tones and golden-aged funkiness, this upbeat ringtone plays upon the epicurean powers of harmony to captivate the listener and massage the sur sum forte.

Flirting with the precincts of contemporary pop and hinting at a vibeful of world music, this disparate grab-bag of diverse sounds is gradually reshaped into a cohering composition of distinguished enjoyment. Syncopated articulations and pithy timbral patavinules hold the limbering, intense groove, coalescing into an omnibus of delightful melodiousness.

Rambunctious, commanding yet accommodating, this grinning song of status, keeps at its heart of vibrant originality to rise above the generic trappings of commercial music. Exuding an unerring, dreamy resiliency, it captures the sound of music-to-go and guarantees moments of kinetic splendor.

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