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Maher Zain & Atif Aslam - Im Alive

Ringtone Maher Zain & Atif Aslam - Im Alive for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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This extraordinary collaboration between Maher Zain and Atif Aslam yields an exalting ringtone, with compelling tonalities and a refrain that penetrates the soul. The mellifluous melodies of the song captivate the listener and accost him with the message of hope and determination. In the chorus, the intonations of both singers convey unshaken valor and resilience, serving as a much needed respite from the rigours of life.

The resonant, luminous appeal of their harmony miraculously chords the human heart, setting a tone of poesy and inspiring a joie de vivre. The soothing guitar plays a special role in an intertwining of sounds that is both captivating and enamoring. One cannot help but hum along with the alluring melodies and even frolic, wafted away in the oblivion of lyrical bliss.  

The cohesive entwinement of both singers' voices in perfect unison make this song a must-have ringtone, that exalts and jocundly calls attention to the power of will and fortitude. Maher Zain and Atif Aslam merge impeccably good music, vocals, and an uplifting message to create an inspirational and elevating masterpiece.

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