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Lake and Palmer Emerson - The Great Gates Of Kiev

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Emerson Lake and Palmer's composition of «The Great Gates Of Kiev» is a magnificent testament to the creativity and skill of the trio. This symphonic masterpiece is marked by the astounding virtuosity of each musician, with the organ of Keith Emerson setting the scene with a grandiose style of musicality. The wonderfully expansive nature of this track is remarkable, with each musician contributing to an expansive and epic sonic result.

This ringtone combines a medley of some of the most powerful sections from «The Great Gates Of Kiev,» dredged up as if from anoperatic dreamworld. Flicking between smooth overlay's of strings and stirring horns, this piece creates moments of awe and wonder with poignancy and fortitude. This ringtone is certain to provide any listener with a moment of sheer majesty and lurid majesty.

The Emerson Lake and Palmer fan looking for a subtle yet evocative reminder of their favorite track could look no further than this ringtone. A fascinating composition of sound, this ringtone offers a delightful journey through the depths of music, from the delicate verses to the soaring chorus and the grand finale of «The Great Gates Of Kiev» – a truly remarkable listening experience.

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