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Lost Frequencies - Are You With Me

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The infectious earworm of Lost Frequencies' «Are You With Me» enrapts all who have the pleasure of hearing it. Utilizing a unique mixture of alternative electronic elements and subtle hints of acoustic guitars, this melodic masterpiece is thusly concatenated. Its delectable concoction of sound is of a rarity amongst arena-conquering pop songs, with its delightfully juxtaposing tranquil and cacophonic elements. A sorrowful rumination, coupled with the elevated bliss of its innocuous beat make this track extremely salient to its auditory audience.

The anthem's songwriter, Felix De Laet, has been accredited for the devising of a stunningly unique electronic sound. With its copious frequencies echoing into a melange of beats, arpeggios, and samples, this track works as a cohesive unit to make a first-rate composition. And, as it seems to be hitting peak resonance across the waves of popular culture, its presence is only escalating.

Unquestionably, this resplendent ringtone is a must-have. Its captivating aesthetic elevates the appeal of any cell phone, and with its desultory pings the user never fails to know when the moment arrives: Incoming call. Get this tone to enkindle any situation with its synchronal rhythm that ensures even life's most mundane activities have a symphonic feel.

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