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David Bowie - Heroes

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The narrative of exultance entwined in the aural palate of David Bowie's «Heroes» resonates a sheer euphoria in its listener. The dulcet tones of the enthusiastic guitar contrapuntally combine with the coiled sleight of hand of the fuzzy bass guitar and the heavy hand of the brooding drums to evoke a sonorous atmosphere of jubilation. The rhythmic & melodic masterfully coerce a sense of revelry in one's spirit. It is therefore quite justifiable for listeners to have this glorious opus as a ringtone, so as to perk up their daily routine and engross themselves in the aural festive connotation.

Not to be left out of the equation, the ineffable vocals of David Bowie are unmistakably integral in the brilliance of this creative magnum opus. His euphony lasciviously lures the ears of the listener and captivates them in a charmed slumber, into a harmonious reverie. His jovial demeanour and candid camaraderie with the other instruments are naturally delectable.

An overall sense of lore and glory are not so much in evidence in many audio pieces nowadays and thus the use of «Heroes» as a ringtone serves not only as a device to wake its possessor from their slumber, but also help in creating a cultural adroitness that cannot be quite attained with any other musical style.

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