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Laurel - Fire Breather

Ringtone Laurel - Fire Breather for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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The melodic aureate of «Laurel - Fire Breather» is certainly a majestic and captivating one. Its artful blend of polyphonic timbre creates an ethereal atmosphere, beckoning the listener to dwell in its sublime poetics. The result is a track uniquely marked by an elysian aura, compatible with those of an otherworldly caliber.

The swish of its callithumpian arrangement unwinds like ticking clockworks. Its tonal complexity — rotund and capricious — confers a feeling of ecstatic fortitude. Exuding an enigmatic rapture, the sonance of this ringtone is nothing like that of any ordinary melody.

Concocted with equal doses of fortitude, ingenuity and creativity, «Laurel - Fire Breather» ventures far beyond the ambit of the everyday. Its emotional depth will satiate even the most demanding of auditory enthusiasts. This extraordinary audio experience is one that must be heard to be believed!

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