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Kiss - Heavens On Fire

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Kiss's song, Heavens On Fire is a truly exceptional auditory experience. A song so rhapsodic it should be classified as a mini-symphony, with its invigorating music literally sparking your mind. The pulsating yet dulcet riff of the electric guitar quickly ensorcels the listener, while the percussive verve of the drum beats staccatos your pulse.

Heavens on Fire is an exemplary ringtone to add to your mobile phone. Its hypnotizing melodies and robust cacophony of lively textures creates a compelling concoction. It ebbs and flows with elements of surprise, keeping the experience vibrant and entertaining. The scintillating combination of its sweet sounds, arduous rhythm and intricate modulation truly sets it apart.

Its stimulating composition, makes it the perfect choice for anyone wishing for a riveting ringtone to not just alert them of the call, but also to invigorate them. Heavens on Fire by KISS a is ringtone that stands out from its peers in terms of vivacity and dynamic value, giving you a moment of exuberance until the call is answered.

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