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Ohio Players - Fire

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Ohio Players' «Fire» is an eccentric, whimsical soundscape that evokes an edgy yet dreamy atmosphere. It starts with a melodic, densely layered intro, evocative of the signature style of this group. Suddenly, a bright, almost somber electric guitar accompanies a fun, hypnotic rhythm. This is the Fire that heats up the dancefloor.

Throughout, the energy builds with the resplendent horns, the magnetic bass and guitar riffs, and the raucous-yet-refined drums. Its buoyant groove swirls and makes for a vibrant soundtrack for any occasion.

Revel in the contagious grooves of Ohio Players' «Fire,» a fiery, psychedelic number that is sure to stoke your senses and send you over the edge! Enjoy this soundscape and let it take you to a realm of captivating vibes.

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