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Barns Courtney - Fire

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In a remarkable fashion, Barns Courtney's 'Fire' is an explosive and invigorating ringtone option. Reveling in a stunning soupy of guitar riffs that are enthralling and an unforgettable melody that laps up your attention, 'Fire' easily transcends its genre of indie-rock into an arena of brilliance.

This captivating jam will keep you engaged with an invigorating energy that is unmistakable. With the timeless production offering a textural soundscape, the uplifting lyricism is particularly charismatic. Inspiring a state of being that embracive with its opulence, 'Fire' is truly an antediluvian tune of titanic proportions.

Culminating into an climactic finale that is both an incredulous and electric homage to timelessness, 'Fire' is an abracadabra of genres, tones, lyrics and soundscapes. It is a galvanizing selection that is sure to provide an exhilarating aura of euphoria to any setting!

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