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Alice Cooper - Feed My Frankenstein

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Alice Cooper's «Feed My Frankenstein» is a classic horror theme and a truly unique ringtone. Adoring fans of such horror classic films as «Frankenstein» and «Bride of Frankenstein» will be entranced by this iconic song.

Fantastic and eerie, the melody carries a sinister but alluring ambiance. Capturing the sound of mystery and trepidation, Alice Cooper manages to interweave classic elements of supernatural music with modern twinges of industrial electricity. Laying somewhere between the tangible and corporeal, this exciting track will astound those who relish in the strange and unusual.

Whether you are a fainthearted player of hide-n-seek or a hardened escape-room enthusiast, one listen to Alice Cooper's «Feed My Frankenstein» will have you transfixed. Revel in the chills, ponder the strange, and remember: all great trifles must start with some trepidation, and this entrancingly rare ringtone is no exception!

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