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The Cranberries - Dreams

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The Cranberries' «Dreams» is a delightful, bemused song certain to engender positive reveries of delighted aural pleasure. Combining lilting acoustic guitar, airy synths and Dolores O'Riordan's unforgettable soprano vocals, the effect is an eviscerative auric experience. The essence of the track captures a modestly magisterial, yearning quality one might feel when reflecting pensively on a travail of years gone by. To have this tone as one's ringtone is to remind oneself of the beguiling, cadenced vibes which awaken our senses and regenerate our spirits; dreams they shall remain, and always so sweetly tickle the soul.

Owing to this track's remarkable temerity, it is not difficult to imagine why such an optative tone may serve as a constantly reliable reminder of its beguiling power. From its sinuous, limpid intonations to its symphonious air, its meandering poetry of sound is sure to enmesh souls in a euphonious catchment of elation. As it reverberates its therapeutic tonality, the poignancy of its clarity succeeds in reinvigorating our flagging spirits and encouraging reflective ruminations on life.

Just as springtime returns with luminous hope and replenished hope, this track gently instates its crescendo of optimism – a bruit of hope for those yearning for a valediction from the pulpy world of depressive matters. And so we hear its serendipitous strains and are quixotically led away from the matrix to a more indulgent theophany of salubrious resistance. With this track as reminder, be guaranteed of a soothing balm to thine anxious worries, a tender deliverance from ear to heart.

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