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The Cranberries - Linger

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The cranberries unique song, 'Linger', has been an cherished melody for many decades. It evokes a nostalgic sound, adducing some of the quintessential elements of dream- pop that are characteristic of the band's early work. The rangtone evokes a similarly enthralling nostalgia, that bears repeat listens in order to fully grasp its mesmerizing properties.

The throbbing bass line and distinctively soft yet enthralling vocals weave a siren-song of cherishable music. The melancholic message which engulfs the listener allows them to evoke the acumen of their own respective musings. In tandem with the lilting sounds of the chorus, the ringing tones provide a rapturous respite from the trappings of life.

Listeners will be intrigued by the intermittently strumming guitars, mysteriously melodious strings, and Deeann DeLane's celestial choir vocals. Together these tonalities help create a ringtone that can enrapture even the most forlorn listener, offering them a salubrious release from the tribulations of life. 'Linger' undoubtedly provides a unique sonic panacea for all individuals.

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