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Joe Satriani - Made Of Tears

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Joe Satriani's song «Made Of Tears» is a compelling, rare rendition, one not easily forgotten. This captivating piece is a dirgeful homage to the soul, echoing through all realms of life. Its syncopated, indelible notes transcend beyond even the most amorphous yet luminous of emotions, resolving with a stoic catharsis.

The structure of this track is a marvel; Satriani quiesces the notes with synchronicity, allowing them to dwindle with soulful accents. Yet, even in its melancholia, Made Of Tears stands strongly, daring any to remain unmoved by its prescience.

This inspiring work is vibrant and effulgent; an ideal choice to reflect the innermost crevices of one's heart. Satriani has certainly cultivated an exquisite piece of music with «Made Of Tears», masterfully expressing the subtle emptions which linger in all of us. Download this timeworn tune as your ringtone, and dive into its sphere of sentiment.

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