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Toby Keith - I Love This Bar

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Toby Keith's «I Love This Bar» is an ideal ringtone for any devotee of the country-western lifestyle, notatably a mercurial and noetic one. Nothing more typifies the ethos of the rural party scene in one fell swoop than the catchy chorus from Keith's iconic 2003 anthem. And nothing more responsibly epitomizes the bemused bravado of those who discern such ambiances than this veracious chronicle of such sentiment.

The collage of instruments and their respective structures, along with Keith's undeniable vocal gusto, are uniquely alluring in an arrhythmic, largillo manner. The rudimentary instrumentation and simple refrains at the start of each verse quickly destabilizes and gives way to a cacophony of vocal and instrumental dynamism which, frankly, rises above all else in the genre.

All of this acumen comes together to form the ideal soundscape for anyone out there who has a penchant for the escapist marvels of their own backyard. A smoke-stained and tobacco-tinged ambiance free of ennui and boredom looms on the horizon when this track is put on as one's ringtone, for unbeknownst to the user of such a tone, it will happily and ludically stimulate all those around it.

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