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Kenny G - The Moment

Ringtone Kenny G - The Moment for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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Kenny G's mellow and mesmerical «The Moment» ringtone is sure to instill a sense of tranquillity and farniente in any listener. The allogenous saxophone notes ascend and descend, gently soothing the soul. Its harmonious composition is both lively and animated, yet it never overpowers.

This ringtone will become the ideal accompaniment for moments of pleasant inertia and dreamy stupor, whether it's just before rising from a good night's slumber, or as an appropriate soundtrack to a delicious repast.

Kenny G's «The Moment» is perfect aural accompaniment to one's languorous life, ensuring they remain centered and composed. It may encourage one towards a state of rapturous rapture, or serve as a balm for those times when one is feeling a bit befuddled or out of kilter.

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