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Jason and bryan - heaven

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Jason and Bryan's style of music in «Heaven» is a sparkling arrangement of florid harmonies. The melody is buoyant and ebullient, making the listeners feel both everglade and lissome at the same time. Its most notable feature is its languid yet emphatic rhythm, which is perfect for tapering the atmosphere to a surreal state.

The brevity of the song is both vivid and chaste; it does not linger for too long, hence it is an ideal relaxation for mulling over calamity and disillusionment. There is a tinge of alacrity which is embedded in the conclusion, an optimistic outlook which emboldens the listeners to make the utmost of their life.

For those looking to add «Heaven» to their daily life, the peace and dishabille of the sound will be the perfect suasive addition to their mobile experience. Whether it be to dance away grievances or to quaver joy, «Heaven» will be a worthy companion filled with benediction, poignancy and resonance.

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