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Craig Campbell - Outskirts of Heaven

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When one hears the alluring melodies behind Craig Campbell's, «Outskirts of Heaven,» it evokes a unique sensation of aural pleasure, nearly impossible to mimic. It speaks to the soul in ways that many ringtones don't, as it resonates with a deep appreciation for the transience of life.

The lilt of the instrumentation warns of a bittersweet ballad of somber awareness as Craig's crooning croones of the fleeting moments that make up a lifetime. It's a melancholic reminder of familial love and appreciation that captivates its listeners.

The pinnacle of this mesmerizing track is its breathy climax. Craig's heartfelt declaration to his loved ones serves as a gentle reminder to enjoy each moment, ultimately providing the listener with an inimitable reprieve from tawdry ringtone choices.

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