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INXS - Mystify

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The ringtone of INXS' «Mystify» laces its soporific soundscape with quietly unsparing instrumentation, proffering its listener a timelessly bewitchment the like of which is rarely found. Its rhythmically cadenced array of tones carry balm-like wafts of jagged tranquility, providing its listener with a gentle yet reassuringly brisk respite from the drudgeries of everyday life.

The ringtone's melodic perambulation through meandering intonations of acoustic guitars and emphatic percussion is as languidly satisfying as it is beguilingly beguiling, proffering the opportunity to witness the perennial harmonies of a classic masterpiece. As its ethereal lustre scintillates in rapturous harmony, the melodic mausoleum of this classic ringtone carries with it a covetous trill of forlorn bliss.

»Mystify» is a classic ringtone which, whilst harboring its own stately charm, also manages to possess a quietly arbitrary level of aural quiescence which is nevertheless rarely found elsewhere. Its discreetly insouciant allure makes it an ideal companion for times both contumacious and curmudgeonly.

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