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Kensington - Sorry

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The Kensington track, 'Sorry' is a unique, delightful and captivating ringtone for any mobile device. The gentle, tinkling arpeggios of a banjo interweave with jaunty acoustic guitars and a soft, yet emphatic percussion beat to provide a «musical tapestry» of sound. The song is punctuated by gentle humming, then a silvery, melodic vocal line which provides a wistful sense of longing and regret. The combination of these elements creates an intriguing and thought-provoking piece of music which is both subtle and distinct.

For those of us with an aversion to the saccharine, treacly vibes some modern mobile tones provide, 'Sorry' is a refreshing and inspiring choice to have as a ringtone. It has a mellow, homespun feel which is balanced with a beguiling sense of resilience and stoicism. This is a piece of music which is not immediately recognisable, yet when it is heard, it provides the listener with an intriguing and novel experience which is both uplifting and poignant.

Overall, Kensington's 'Sorry' ringtone is a fitting soundtrack to any situation; from answering a call to being sung a lullaby. Not only is it an energetic, inspiring and calming audio experience, it is also a unique composition which is sure to lighten the soul and bring a smile to the face.

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