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Kanye West - Wake Up Mr. West

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Kanye West's beloved track 'Wake Up Mr. West' is a spellbinding experience of sonic shimmer. Perfectly encapsulating a modern day version of the classic father-son journey it strives to instigate, this ringtone is an absolute must-have.

It starts with gentle woodwinds and harps, before being taken over by a rich reverbed piano loop, which brings to light the rich melodicism of the song. As falsetto vocal samples emphatically float up and down, it glues the great sonic picture together. There's something almost whimsical in the way it binds together, cradling the listener in its comforting embrace.

If you're searching for a ringtone to express yourself through, 'Wake Up Mr. West' is certainly the way to go. With the kind of meticulous detail typical of the hip-hop industry, each note will quiver, resonate and ultimately fulfill your need for aural pleasure. If your phone could sing, this would surely be its choice of song.

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