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The Common Linnets - Calm After the Storm

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The gentle and soothing melody of «Calm After the Storm» from the unlikely duo The Common Linnets has captured the hearts of many since its 2014 release. The soft strings, gentle drums and dreamy vocals create a uniquely serene atmosphere, which is the perfect accompaniment to any moment of peaceful bliss. Indeed, the simple yet emotive lyrics add to this earnest atmosphere, providing a contemplative musing on the beauty of life.

The separate yet harmonious elements of «Calm After the Storm» create an overall gentle soundscape, perfect for adding a touch of calm to any situation. It couldn't be more aptly named - as the instrumentals swell and the lyrics gain in intensity, evoking a subtle passion which releases all emotions and allows for quieted reflection.

The Common Linnets' «Calm After the Storm» is a captivating ringtone choice to say the least - a rare union of powerful emotions and tranquil music. Not only does this piece of art provide a sublime listening experience, but it gives a sense of harmony which is perfect for a ringtone to truly encompass its owner's personality.

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