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Boney M. - Ma Baker

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At first sight, the song 'Ma Baker', by 70s hitmakers Boney M., may appear to some as a rather unassuming four-minute offering about a rambunctious criminal's notorious escapades. However, upon further listen, it rapidly transpires that this svelte opus is far more than a mere sonic pudding 'of its time.'

In fact, within this sumptuous arrangement, one may detect the complexity and prowess of truly remarkable musicianship. Replete with stylised melismatic vocals – together with exhilarating perfervid horns, buoyant pulsating bass and vigorous punchy percussion – it reveals a panoply of effervescent sounds that effluence copiously to tantalize even the most weather-beaten auditory system.

So, should you be seeking a unique musical accompaniment to your most fabulous hinterland moments, then 'Ma Baker' might well be the just right choice for the occasive! Not only will it invigorate your parties, but it will also provide a delightful dash of audacious nostalgia.

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