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Kanye West - Through The Wire

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Kanye West's hit cut, «Through the Wire» is one of the most popular and respected hip hop tunes of the 21st century. An iconic beat-driven composition, the song emphasizes a certain backbone of our modern musical culture. Sonically stimulating, the bass-driven track is propelled by West's mix of old school sampling and fresh potential.

This ringing ringtone vibrates with the infectious grooves of Kanye's philosophy and message. Listeners are treated to West's sardonic delivery as he proclaims his success with tongue-in-cheek humility. Visionary and boisterous, it is a direct anthem for a generation in need; a perfect selection for those stalwartly determined to push through any adversity.

Undulating and tumultuous, the track allows you to exercise a deeper levity to the fast-paced turmoil of life. Adorned with invigorating brass, the beats will keep you jovial while you follow Kanye's spirited journey. Culling all the elements of a modern hip hop tour-de-force, «Through the Wire,» will be your favorite ringtone.

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