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Alec Benjamin - If We Have Each Other

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This sensational and exquisite tapestry of a ringtone composed by Alec Benjamin, If We Have Each Other, transcends all expectations. From the sonorous strains of Benjamin's nimble keyboard playing to wondrous and lush arrangements of vocal harmonies and electronic textures, it is a sonic masterpiece that entrances and engages the listener. Part languid and ethereal, part heart-rending, yet ultimately uplifting, it is a vibrant opus that captivates and mitigates the impassivity and ordinary of the everyday.

The beginning of the melody is sublime with its cadenced melodies, chords and drum patterns, aural scenery of consummate tenderness and poignancy. Swiftly striding onward and culminating in uplifting and percussive crescendos, the combined melodies draw forth deep emotions in its audiences, and captivate the senses.

The culminating vocals of Benjamin's womanly duet partner evokes euphony and a sense of uplift, which mollifies and pacifies the heart of the listener. A ubiquitous hymn of buoyant resolution, If We Have Each Other is a gorgeous and emotive composition conveying a message of everlasting love that is essential and simply exquisite.

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