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Alabama - Angels Among Us

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Alabama's classic inspirational song «Angels Among Us» offers a heavenly listening experience on one's mobile phone. Guided by the soaring cries of fulsome harmonies and Alec Mill's cascading banjo licks, the listener is transported to celestial realms of majesty and portentous sentimentality. This idyllic interlude of sound results in a delightful and unique ringtone with moments of elation and wistful gazing at the heavens.

The exhilarating melody suggests a tenebrous journey, imparting an aura of beauty and hope that lingers long after the ringing has stopped. Bearing a heartwarming, tenderness, the oppressive notes of majestically sparse accompaniment on banjo, fiddle and guitar communicates in a dialect of emotionality, apprising one of the divine comfort of prayer.

In sum, «Angels Among Us» is a tonally rich, lyrically poignant and simultaneously toe-tapping ringtone, which is perfect for those who strive to find optimism and affirmation of the divine in their day-to-day lives. If one murmurs a quiet prayer each time this tune whispers from their phone, the listener may be pleasantly surprised that their pleas for aid have been answered by their celestial concierge.

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