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Coffin Nails - MF Doom

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Coffin Nails, an MF Doom-inspired ringtone, is nothing to sneeze at. A sinister dichotomy of musical tones and fabrications of electric cadences, this intelligently crafted auditory offering is sure to astound even the most sesquipedalian ringtone connoisseur.

Treading the line between dread and derring-do, with its hip-hop elements, eerie synths and ethereal ambience, Coffin Nails weaves a sonic tapestry evocative of a deathly phone call from beyond the grave. Yet, its prodigiously-ratcheted idiosyncrasies, even in its most sinister moments, still manage to bring a poignant levity to any mobile device.

It's certain that Coffin Nails elevates the idea of what a ringtone is capable of. So, if you're one of those looking to make a unique statement, by all means, grasp this opus-of-sorts and allow its pointed notes to capture the attention of your callers and passers-by alike.

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