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The Clash - Should I Stay or Should I Go

Ringtone The Clash - Should I Stay or Should I Go for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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«The Clash's 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go' to me is one of the quintessential ringtones of our time. It's a cri de coeur, an enigma set to music, simultaneously evoking feelings of nostalgia and hope, stase and revolution. It's a slow simmering, melodic rock song that has the perfect amount of lyric and melody, making it the perfect ringtone for a modern phone.

Its vigorous, soul-infused riffs and leaden chords swell and deepen throughout its verses, presenting a unique aural texture that's instantly identifiable and sets it apart from other rock anthems. Yet its curious tinny hook, its kinetic cadence, can impact the listener deeply, stirring up long-forgotten moments of slight desolation and joy.

This is of course part of the beauty of the song, and so its inclusion as a ringtone is all too natural. Its artisticality and dynamism bring a touch of sophisticated fun to any hubble-bubble of talk; its characteristic tones waking up your ears as they scramble to put together the various emotions of the track. All in all, it's a masterclass of multi-hued sound that I'm glad to hear my tones pick up!»

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