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A-ha - Stay On These Roads

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In the summer of 1988, auditory succor arrived in the form of A-ha's »Stay On These Roads«. Tart and pungent, its tonal flavor resonated with a generation of nomads yearning for a journey both within and without. Suspended in time and space, one can still hear its melodious melange of distinct layers; a soundscape of blending synth-pop, jangling electro-pop and a soul-stirring message of persisting despite life's flux.

Sparkling synths provide a muscular foundation while love-soaked horns wend their way around the crunchy choral counterpoint; the whole radiating a glistening energy. Hot and sprightly, its sanguine timbre paints a vivid mental image of being astride a lofty mountain peak, surveying the breadth of one's expanse of possibilities.

Bringing one to a place of internal renewal, this timeless classic still champions its liberating message of embracing change and perseverance. Its harmonic acuity and unpretentious magnificence will surely remain a beacon for many years to come. Indeed, a truly invigorating anthem of discovery.

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