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Franco de Vita - Tu de Que Vas

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The «Tu de Que Vas» ringtone by Franco de Vita is a truly invigorating and whimsical audio experience, crafted to provoke the senses. It begins with a mellifluous resonance, harbinger of the melodious synth hooks that follow. An up-tempo and effervescent beat, reminiscent of reggaeton, soon thunders in, and the subtle interplay between the rhythmic elements of the track and its dreamy keyboards encourages spontaneous bouts of jocosity.

The track is punctuated with a spectacular vocal performance from the artist himself, showcasing a tenderness, sensitivity and conviction that is both beguiling and beguilingly unerring. A distinct harmony and interplay between the various instruments and vocal lines coalesces; somehow, the toil of four discreet elements becomes a sonorous and cohesive whole.

If you listen carefully, 'Tu de Que Vas' will show you its brilliance. It is a track that exemplifies the genre, displaying character and finesse, while in the cleft of a fervent rythm. Your mind will reach a state of relaxed euphoria and it will prove itself to be a gentle reminder to be joyful and enjoy life.

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