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ABBA - Fernando

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Fernando, a classic melody produced by ABBA, has stood the test of time to become a much-loved anthem of joy and revelry. Its effervescent feel and instantly-recognizable choral composition provide an uplifting soundtrack for any joyous occasion, endowing its listener with a swathe of sentiment and nostalgia.

Its vivacious nature is apposite to its complex construction, the various elements encircling one another in an intricate harmonic structure. It's sweeping - in the sense that that it's able to traverse the listener's somatic territory - yet soars with a sprightly percussive accompaniment, making it a particularly strenuous - yet enjoyable - soundtrack to any conclave.

Fernando therefore stands as a true exemplar of ABBA's impressive clout as a preeminent act of the 20th Century, a demonstrable reminder of why the group continue to stand tall through the eyes of music enthusiasts of this generation. Such a deserved beloved classic deserves its due pride-of-place as a ringtone.

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