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Sara Bareilles - She Used to Be Mine

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This sophisticated, euphony of a captivating melody sung by a vociferous Sara Bareilles is but an aural delight for the senses. There is an imbricated intricacy and complexity to be found in this ingeniously crafted composition, expressively evoking the sensations of change, nostalgia and tristesse. The beguiling timbre and sonics convey a tumult of thoughts and feelings simultaneously: a clash of tangibles versus intangibles, of antiquity versus futuristicism, of the gritty untamed versus the delicately polished.

This scintillating sonic is one to captivate and move the soul, enveloping it in a delightful state of being. A plethora of pervasive subtleties can be divined, both audibly and intuitively. There is a beguiling beauty to its euphony, so that it speaks gently but firmly to one's innermost consciousness. We are left with a yearning to find the peace and contentment that this ringtone evokes.

A stately, solemn piece, 'She Used to Be Mine' offers solace and solace without lapsing into the saccharine. There is a poignancy to the lingering of the acoustics that no words can properly discern or relay. We are left with a reflective resonance that lingers ever so delicately and gently. So, don your headphones and brace yourself for the auditory exploration of this magnificent melody – sink into its depths, and be sure to be revitalised.

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