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Taylor Swift - Enchanted

Ringtone Taylor Swift - Enchanted for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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This captivating Taylor Swift masterpiece, entitled «Enchanted,» available as a ringtone, begs to be indulged. It is good enough to enthuse even the most cantankerous consumer of art. The sweeping harmonies, tightly knit percussion, lyrical deadeyes and melding of trite-but-sublimely-refined tonality make it a macaroon to be savored.

The cosmopolitan opening immediately transfixes the listener. Swift's voice seems to caress the ears, pull them in and captivate the mind - she saunters through the melody with an exquisite grace and a hint of magic. Her poignant portrayal of her story proves her acumen, a true feat of virtuosity.

«Enchanted» is an arresting composition, a goldilocks piece that hits fans with just the right amount of sweet and mellow tones, ripe with tinges of melodic optimism. A product of sophistication, the track is impossible not to adore - it is sure to illicit even the most stoic of observers to exalt.

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