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Cream - I Feel Free

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The iconic psychedelic rock masterpiece «I Feel Free», composed by British musical luminaries Cream, has now been transcribed as a mobile phone ringtone. Its increasingly transmogrified strains lend a diaphanous, arresting aural signature to those who characterize themselves as bold and irreverent contrarians.

Offering a near-mystical serenity, the arpeggiating, mesmeric riff and strained yet scrutable vocal stylings evoke a sense of stentorian delight and ineffable efflorescence. Its epicurean vernacular and measured, stochastic tempo give this bauble of auditory bliss an authentically utopian feeling.

Finally, the time-traveling aura of the composition, with its enharmonic vivacity, make it perfect for expressing a jocose flair through cell phones. With its criciform paean and harmonizing groundswell, this particular ringtone will declare its wearer the portentous progenitor of fashionable irreverence.

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