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Ted Nugent - Stranglehold

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«Ted Nugent's anthem »Stranglehold« is a rare gem of an auditory experience that simultaneously exhilarates and terrifies. Ear-splittingly brawny riffs and bass make this hard rock masterpiece a distinctive call to attention whenever your device emits its presence. The blaring onslaught of propelling drums and arousing guitar solos heighten the sensation of bordering sonic saturation.

The aurally immeasurable impact of such mighty force can be life-altering. With its earshaking raucousness and compelling energy, it's no surprise that a Ted Nugent classic is a powerful choice of ringtone. But it isn't all merely mayhem, there's a certain magnetism and strength of will that emanates from the strangling sounds of »Stranglehold.« It will certainly add an element of wildism to your phone.

Coupled with its sheer magnitude, power, and sheer avidity, this tune stands out as an audaciously bold ringtone that is sure to make a statement. Ted Nugent's classic rocks your way with unadulterated might, inducing inexorable impressions among listeners. Prepare to be mesmerized by the swift and smiting riffs of »Stranglehold« whenever your phone begins to liven up the environment.»

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