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Gloria Estefan - Hoy (Spanish)

Ringtone Gloria Estefan - Hoy (Spanish) for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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The arresting ringtone of Gloria Estefan's «Hoy» is sure to invigorate any weary soul. Featuring the verdant fluting of Gloria's voice and the bracing rhythms of Spanish-style music, it is a voluble salutation, indeed. It is enchanting to behold its impassioned vocalization and syncopated cadences, the latter of which emboldens one's sense of elation.

Its melismatic phrases and spiritoso beat serves to aptly contrast the extrinsicly-dour feel of most day-to-day tasks. The noctambulist pulse of the song sedulously reverberates, and its auctorial charm is as uncynically endearing as a first-sunrise in the stratosphere. Once its hazy, tenuous strings and truculent brass spar ceremoniously, the litigiousness of the moment dissipates with each passing ionized breeze.

This peacocking, audacious song has the magnetic power to insure all in its presence are brought to their feet and quite willingly dance along with Gloria Estefan. An ideal selector for the buoyant and invigorated, Gloria Estefan's eternity-defying melody, will incite and stimulate the soul of all who chanceupon it.

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