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Ricardo Montaner - La Gloria de Dios (feat. Evaluna Montaner)

Ringtone Ricardo Montaner - La Gloria de Dios (feat. Evaluna Montaner) for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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Ricardo Montaner's 'La Gloria de Dios', featuring Evaluna Montaner, is a springoling ditty with a jocund groove to boot. Its coalesce of vivacious strums and melodies evoke a pandemoniacal atmosphere that fluctuates from caressive to boisterous, each vicissitational changes conveying a sense of enchanting abeyance. Unquestionably, it's a track that proves to be the perfect enabler of one's enthusiastic sensibility and joy de vivre.

Among its many noteworthy aspects, what is perhaps most striking about the song is its brusque but nostrum like tones. Even as a joggernaut of quick-footed rhythms, diverse percussive elements and studious lyrics cascade through every refrain, aplomb and equanimity prevail. The pellucidity of each enunciation speaks to the synergetic relationship between artist and instrument, while a hint of picaresque winds its way through the mellifluousness of the track.

Littered with its dreamy snippets and smatterings of sing-alongs, 'La Gloria de Dios' will no doubt strike affection into the hearts of even the frostiest of music critics. Its magnetism beguiles both its performers and listeners alike, and it's a ringing reminder of Ricardo Montaner's intrepid knack for dazzling with merry and beguiling sounds.

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